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Dentures are an efficient approach for replacing missing teeth. These prosthodontic pieces could make it more possible to talk and bite into food with confidence and, in addition, revitalize the appearance of your mouth following tooth loss. Our dental team offers full and partial removable dentures, as well as implant-supported dentures for New York City, Manhattan, and Queens patients. Full dentures take the place of every one of the teeth in the upper arch, bottom arch, or both, whereas partial dentures are offered if some of the real teeth still remain in the jawbone. At Concerned Dental Care, our staff can help you find out whether detachable or implant-supported dentures are ideal for your goals and have them carefully crafted to produce an appealing appearance and easy fit. Call us to schedule a denture evaluation at one of our New York area offices to get started.

Catering to each patient's specific needs is important to us, so our New York City practices provide several customized denture styles for tooth restoration:

  • Removable partial dentures fill in empty areas left by one or multiple lost teeth. They are kept in their position by conveniently hooking around nearby teeth.
  • Removable single-arch dentures restore a complete top or bottom arch and are kept in place by the contour of the jawbone or an oral paste.
  • Implant-supported dentures fill in for multiple or a whole arch of teeth. These appliances attach to dental posts in the jaw for enhanced dependability.
  • Immediate complete dentures are put in right after the natural teeth are taken out. The fit of these restorations might be altered as the gums heal.
  • Conventional full dentures are appropriate when teeth have previously been taken out and the mouth is completely recovered.

I just came home with partial top and bottom dentures. They fit perfectly! Thank you to Dr Ndoj 😊. He is a true artist. Kudos to him and a great staff. Thank you so much! Nancy DiNapoli-Micherdzinski

N.D. Google

Concerned dental care is so great. Jennifer R. Worked so hard on getting approval from insurance and getting me in so fast. The whole staff was amazing I had teeth pulled from dr. Herman he was great. Dr. Ortenberg for 4 root canals and did such a great job to make sure I wasn’t in pain. And dr. Ganz for my post and crowns. And for my partial dentures. They were so nice and friendly the staff at the desk and the assistants toya and Anthony. I have been to so many places in this area and had such horrible experiences. Thank you so much concerned dental for this work you are doing for me. I’m so happy

T.S. Google

I have been a patient for several years at Concerned Dental, from basic cleanings to fillings to even dentures. The staff is amazing!! The patient care, professionalism and expertise is truly remarkable. Also the customer service and front end receptionists are great. I can’t say enough about the dentists. It makes the dental experience a joy instead of a fearful or painful experience. I highly recommend Concerened Dental to anyone. Thank you

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It was a very y positive experience having a dentist like Dr. Ndoy. He was very caring, knowledgeable of what he does, he takes his time explaining what would be the best treatment solution for my oral issues, very accommodating, perfectionist in terms of making my dentures and sports/night guard protection and most of all he is friendly, accommodating and thrust worthy. He is A plus dentist. If you are looking for an excellent dentist, I will highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks Dr. NDoy.

R.E. Google

Giving only 5 star to Alexandria Dr. Schwartz, and his Assistant Hector which was the Assistant to Dr. Greene the surgeon when he originally did the implants, like approximately Four yrs that when they had a perfect staff. Now the staff is broken with no surgeon, still the financial officer is still there, and I believe the company now has become all about ascertaining as much money as they can out of pocket, the receptionist and front desk staff never pick up the phone, and I do not know who oversee this office, there needs to be more supervision of staff when it comes to the front desk for appt etc. When there was supervision was when the Surgeon Dr. Greene worked there and Dr. Jay Feinsterock was in charge, Dr. Greene he put in my complete front implants and support implant dentures, The whole process went perfect and instead of 8 to 9 months to heal, being a woman of God, the healing was 5 month cost me a fortune everything including the support implant dentures went perfect. Took 4 yrs to pay off the two Loans. One of the tooth came out of the support denture cost me a fortune for replacement and two crowns, and new support implant dentures, I’m in debt for the next two years. In my opinion I believe the molding 2-3 times loosen the screw in the implant, now since there is no surgeon there since Dr. Greene left, I’ve been referred to another surgeon to try and remove the broken screw. Hopefully the implant won’t be damaged. I will now begin the question them about their warranty process for their quality of work for the out of this world prices the financial officer charge for the work. This is something that needs to address. Since they know you have credit, it seems they try and get as much money as they can, and put the individual like myself in 2-3-4 yrs to pay off the Loan. Quality has changed since Dr, Feinsterstock put the company’s into Concern Dental and since the surgeon Dr. Greene left. In my opinion They need to hire another professional all around surgeon and dental specialist. They also need other receptionist like Alexandra who will pick up phones and care about their jobs and the customer who pay their salaries by paying for the work.

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If you are missing multiple teeth or need to have teeth removed you may be a great candidate for dentures. Dentures work to restore your dental capabilities, let you consume a wide variety of foods, and help keep your facial structure. These pieces work best when the gumline is healthy and there is sufficient bone mass to keep them in position. During your consultation, we will examine your dental wellness and talk about your potential treatments depending on your needs, cosmetic goals, and finances. From there, a member of our team will help you figure out if dentures are best for you and the type that will properly fit your unique circumstances.

We will begin the restoration process by making digital or physical impressions of your upper and lower arches. These impressions will then be relayed to a highly advanced dental lab that will make your customized dentures. Complete and bridge dentures are made up of light resin, which might be reinforced by a metal framework. Designed using high-quality biocompatible materials, dentures are intended to copy the look of your natural teeth and gumline. Once your appliances are crafted and arrive at Concerned Dental Care, we will have you return for a fitting appointment. During this appointment, we will either adjust your appliances so they fit properly or attach them to already-placed titanium implants. Our team will also teach you the ideal way to care for your dentures.

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Carrying out normal functions, such as chewing and talking, may take up to a month before it feels normal. Rest assured, though, you will adjust to your new dentures more each day. In cases where your dentures seem to be slipping, call Concerned Dental Care so we can plan a modification checkup. You will be shown how to clean your dentures after each meal and how to keep them in water nightly to keep them from drying out. We advise you to visit our office for routine assessments so we can keep track of the condition of your dentures and your total dental health for a number of years to come.

Personalized dentures are often covered partially under a lot of insurance plans. Our office will get in touch with your insurance company to assess the extent of your coverage; after that, we will add up any additional expenses and let you know your out-of-pocket expenses. Throughout your appointment, we will individualize your procedure plan so your dentures suit both your aims and budget. To make sure that the denture process is low-cost, Concerned Dental Care takes many kinds of payments, like medical financing.

You don't have to suffer after losing one or multiple teeth. Having the capability to eat, speak to others, and smile with ease after losing teeth is possible with personalized tooth restoration. Our dental doctors are happy to offer full, partial, and implant-supported dentures to individuals in and around New York City, NY. For more information about how dentures can improve your smile, arrange a visit at Concerned Dental Care today.

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