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If you smile and feel like you have a "gummy" smile, or your gums are disproportionate to your teeth, you may wish it was possible to show your teeth off more. At Concerned Dental Care, our dental team regularly performs crown lengthening, a cosmetic procedure performed to enhance the look and health of your smile. Crown lengthening may come off as an odd name to some since it sounds like it involves making the tooth longer. A more precise term might be crown exposure since gum tissue is removed to reveal more of the tooth. While this treatment can be used to improve a "gummy" smile, it may also be performed if not enough of your crown is visible to support a filling, dental crown, or other restoration. To learn more, schedule an appointment at Concerned Dental Care in New York City, NY, or a surrounding area location.

Candidates for crown lengthening should be in good general health, particularly regarding the gums. Issues like gum (periodontal) disease may have to be addressed before crown lengthening is done. Most often, crown lengthening is requested for aesthetic reasons to correct a "gummy" smile. In such circumstances, excessive gum tissue can be removed to balance the proportion of gum tissue to enamel and provide you with a higher, more even gumline. For other patients, crown lengthening can also be required to complete a dental restoration. In this case, we might need to uncover more of your tooth so as to place a crown, bridge, or filling.

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To begin your crown lengthening procedure, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the treated regions to minimize your discomfort. You may discuss other sedation methods with our team during your initial consultation to help you stay comfortable and calm if you have dental fears or anxieties. After your mouth is ready, your gum tissue will be slowly cut away to reveal more of your teeth, and your gumline will be sculpted for an even look. As soon as we have completed the procedure, we will seal the gum tissue and clean your mouth.

After your procedure, your mouth may be sore and inflamed. Cold compresses and over-the-counter pain relievers can be utilized to minimize your discomfort, and we may be able to write a prescription for pain medication and/or antibiotics. It may be helpful to stick to a liquid or soft food diet as your gums heal. You should clean your mouth with soft brushing and mouthwash but avoid dental floss. In some cases, you may need to schedule a follow-up appointment at Concerned Dental Care so we can monitor your healing. We will also assess your gums and oral health at your yearly dental examinations.

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The cost for a crown lengthening procedure may vary depending on why the treatment is being done. Dental insurance companies may sometimes cover part of the expense in certain situations. In any event, our financial staff will get in touch with your provider to determine what your out-of-pocket costs will be before discussing your choices for payment. If you do not have insurance, we will help estimate your expenses in your consultation and also give you more info on medical financing that could help to make your treatment easier to afford.

If you need to restore your oral health or you want to improve your smile, find out more information about crown lengthening at Concerned Dental Care in New York City, NY. By eliminating gum tissue, you can improve the appearance of a "gummy" smile or prepare your teeth for a dental restoration. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors of dental medicine to determine if you are a candidate for restorative or cosmetic crown lengthening treatments at our offices in New York.

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