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Even if you are brushing and flossing your teeth perfectly at home, it is still important to schedule a dental cleaning at Concerned Dental Care twice a year. Using state-of-the-art equipment, a professional teeth cleaning treats plaque and tartar that has built up while polishing your teeth for a brighter, healthier smile. After your treatment, you can ask for tips on better home oral care and learn if any areas may need special attention. A dental cleaning will give our dental team the opportunity to look for any issues in your mouth that might require further attention or treatment. Having a professional cleaning is a vital part of maintaining your oral hygiene, so contact any of our New York locations in the five boroughs or Long Island today to schedule teeth cleanings for yourself and your family.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends people have professional dental cleanings twice each year to maintain proper oral health. Babies, even, should see the dentist. In fact, it's recommended that they have their first dental exam before they turn one, and following that, we can help you determine when your child is ready for their next appointment. A professional dental cleaning can prevent cavities since built-up plaque, the main cause of tooth decay is removed. A professional cleaning will also remove tartar and stains from your teeth. Routine dental cleanings can help you:

  • Freshen your breath
  • Brighten your smile
  • Improve your oral health
  • Avoid spending money on more expensive treatments

We are proud to serve individuals in Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, and surrounding areas.

First I want to say I literally have a panic attack before I go to the dentist. This has been since I was a child. Since I've been seeing Kristy as my hygienist it's not as intense. I look forward to going in for my cleaning without tears. She is the best hygienist I have ever had! The one time I didn't realize my appointment wasn't with her I honestly was upset about it. AND she was there that day! I am required to go every 3 months for a cleaning. I am convinced she is the reason I haven't been referred back to the periodontist. She deep cleans my gums so well my mouth feels fresh for days AND I'm afraid to start eating again 😝 If she left this office. I would definitely be upset and I would probably follow her. If I ever needed to have another procedure done in the office (which I do and I've been putting it off) I might need her there to calm me down before they begin LOL My "favorite" dentist left the practice years ago and I wasn't happy about it...luckily I liked the new one. I hope this practice gives Kristy whatever she wants she is definitely an asset. Don't lose her! She is the type of person that patients will be happy to see and continue to return. She also takes the time to know you despite the limited time you spend with her. Sometimes all it takes is a smile. BTW my kids like her too!

G.T. Google

I’ve been coming here for 20 years and today I had the best cleaning ever. The dental hygienist was Beth and she did the most thorough cleaning! Thank you!

C.H. Google

Got a cleaning , she was excellent very friendly and knowledgeable. She made the process very easy for me will definitely be coming back

A.B. Google

My son is a patient here, so far the patient had been good. The dental hygienist who last saw my son this month (July 2023) is absolutely great!!! I believe her name is Blanca (or Bianca) as she is super friendly, efficient, and thorough! Warning that parking can be difficult in that area. We normally do not wait long for x-rays and cleaning but wait time for the dentist has taken longer. Our last visit took a lot longer due to waiting for the dentist (although he is always super nice) but he just walked in, said the xrays looked great and that was it. The overall office staff is nice.

J.R. Google

The experience was great! Really sensitive and capable X-ray tech and a very thorough cleaning. Great support staff as well. I highly recommend!

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During your professional teeth cleaning, one of our skilled dental hygienists will start by removing any tartar and plaque that have built up on your teeth— even with daily brushing and flossing it can be difficult to remove all tartar and plaque on your own. Special tools are used to carefully scale buildup without affecting the enamel. To begin, a device with ultrasonic technology addresses bigger areas of plaque and tartar with a lubricating mist and high-speed vibrations. Next, handheld instruments such as a scaler or curette will be used to remove any remaining buildup. Every tooth will be scaled to get all the tartar and plaque. After your teeth have been scaled, the enamel will be carefully polished to strengthen the enamel and remove stains. If requested or needed, a fluoride treatment can be performed after your cleaning.

Depending on the results of your cleaning, we may suggest cleanings more frequently if we are concerned about gum disease or something else. Throughout your appointment, we will help you create a home routine for good oral health by recommending dental products and demonstrating techniques that will help address your specific oral needs.

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Teeth cleanings are a preventive procedure, so they are typically covered by insurance. Our office can contact your insurance company to get a better understanding of your coverage before we bill for any out-of-pocket amount. If you do not have dental insurance, we can discuss the different payments we take and medical financing to make prioritizing your oral health affordable and less burdensome.

Help keep your teeth healthy with professional cleanings two times a year at Concerned Dental Care in New York City, NY, and surrounding areas. Our team of dental experts helps both adults and children in the Bronx, Westchester, and New York City improve their oral health with professional cleanings to remove plaque and tartar. A vital procedure in a preventive dental care plan, dental cleanings may keep your family members from oral pain and/or extensive dental treatments later. Contact your nearest location to schedule a cleaning for yourself and your family today.

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