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For many of our Westchester, Manhattan, and New York City patients with weakened teeth, either due to extensive damage or tooth decay, a dental crown can help strengthen the tooth. Our patient-centered office offers dental crowns to help cover and protect the visible part of a tooth while enhancing its cosmetic appearance and function. Dental crowns are custom-designed to blend evenly with the surrounding teeth and could be used to fix broken teeth, tooth decay, oddly shaped teeth, and other forms of tooth damage. These dental restorations can also be fused into a unit to function as a dental bridge or attached to single dental implants to treat teeth that are missing. Set up a visit with our dental team at Concerned Dental Care to determine whether a custom dental crown could strengthen your dental health and enhance your smile.

Men and women might need to get a dental crown in order to resolve their dental health issues and enhance the proper function and aesthetic appeal of a tooth. Some of the more prevalent reasons for requiring a crown procedure are:

  • Teeth that are fractured or cracked
  • Eroded or worn tooth structure
  • Teeth that are deeply stained or misshapen
  • Moderate-sized cavities
  • Replacement of large, failing fillings
  • Teeth that have been treated endodontically
  • Dental bridge tooth replacements
  • Completion of a single dental implant

At Concerned Dental Care, a crown can be utilized for teeth located anywhere in the mouth and may be made from ceramic, porcelain, metal, or a precious metal (such as gold). Our expert dental professionals can assess your tooth and help you determine the right type of crown for your dental needs and cosmetic goals.

Heard at least 4 apologies in past few month for inconvenience to me yet I never felt any were due me simply said Dr. Gantz insisted on getting it right (colors for crowns) and that level of pride in one’s work carried with it enormous confidence to the patient. I was never feeling inconvenienced but instead in care of good hands. I travel back and forth from PA and NY and have limited times in NY. Jennifer and I spoke and she understood my schedule promising to contact the lab, coordinate the color technician to come to office and she would work on several options. While in PA jennifer called me but it didn’t work out because I was not due back in NY so jennifer just did what she said she would…she kept up with attempts to coordinate this important next visit and she did not give up until my schedule lined up with when the technician would be at the office. I forgot but jennifer would not allow me to forget and today the meeting was completed and a color match was confirmed! A part of me says oh it’s just teeth but no….your efforts are allowing me to keep my smile and for that I am very grateful!

S.L. Google

I recently had two porcelain crowns done by Dr. Rodopoulos and was most impressed by her work ethics and professionalism. The process was done in a timely manner with excellent results and I was very pleased with my overall experience. I would also like to acknowledge the courtesy I was given by the entire staff including her assistant Teneane. I would definitely recommend Concerned Dental for all your dental needs. Sincerely, NevinHeebner

N.H. Google

The staff here at Concerned Dental Are so helpful and pleasant Dr Noji is the best doctor I have had. His touch is gentle his work is excellent! The fit on my crowns are perfect with no adjustments . He deserves a raise! Thank you Dr. N for your dedication

J.D. Google

Hello my name is Jeanine and I'm a patient at concern dental I've had so many dentists in the past not good the stuff they did is already falling out just about the whole atmosphere of dentist office weren't good concerned dental I got greeted like I was a person they've known forever everybody that works there and I'm going to name them by name Jen Cheryl Emily Evan Dr Herman Dr wortenberg and Dr Ganz have shown such amazing talents I should say the root canals I have never had a root canal that I didn't have to get like knocked out for or guess nothing but Novocaine 10 minutes the best root canals I've ever had and I have seven more to go the other doctors you know one does extractions one does root canals one does crowns it's like one stop shopping the place itself the people of the front desk when you walk in you feel so comfortable all your worries go away I would recommend concerned dental to anybody it's in farmingville they have other offices but I don't know where you only have to do is Google it but I'm telling you if you need a dentist that's the place to go

J.M. Google

Giving only 5 star to Alexandria Dr. Schwartz, and his Assistant Hector which was the Assistant to Dr. Greene the surgeon when he originally did the implants, like approximately Four yrs that when they had a perfect staff. Now the staff is broken with no surgeon, still the financial officer is still there, and I believe the company now has become all about ascertaining as much money as they can out of pocket, the receptionist and front desk staff never pick up the phone, and I do not know who oversee this office, there needs to be more supervision of staff when it comes to the front desk for appt etc. When there was supervision was when the Surgeon Dr. Greene worked there and Dr. Jay Feinsterock was in charge, Dr. Greene he put in my complete front implants and support implant dentures, The whole process went perfect and instead of 8 to 9 months to heal, being a woman of God, the healing was 5 month cost me a fortune everything including the support implant dentures went perfect. Took 4 yrs to pay off the two Loans. One of the tooth came out of the support denture cost me a fortune for replacement and two crowns, and new support implant dentures, I’m in debt for the next two years. In my opinion I believe the molding 2-3 times loosen the screw in the implant, now since there is no surgeon there since Dr. Greene left, I’ve been referred to another surgeon to try and remove the broken screw. Hopefully the implant won’t be damaged. I will now begin the question them about their warranty process for their quality of work for the out of this world prices the financial officer charge for the work. This is something that needs to address. Since they know you have credit, it seems they try and get as much money as they can, and put the individual like myself in 2-3-4 yrs to pay off the Loan. Quality has changed since Dr, Feinsterstock put the company’s into Concern Dental and since the surgeon Dr. Greene left. In my opinion They need to hire another professional all around surgeon and dental specialist. They also need other receptionist like Alexandra who will pick up phones and care about their jobs and the customer who pay their salaries by paying for the work.

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Dental crown procedures generally take a few visits. During the initial visit, one of our experienced dental experts will administer a local anesthetic to your damaged tooth so we can properly care for it. When the damaged tooth structure has been taken care of, an impression of the tooth will be taken and utilized by a dental lab in the fabrication of your crown. A temporary restoration will be positioned over the tooth to uphold normal function and a natural-looking cosmetic appeal during the time your custom restoration is being created. You will need to visit Concerned Dental Care a few weeks later so that you can have the temporary removed and your new dental restoration bonded to your tooth or implant post.

Following its placement, your custom dental crown will be adjusted as needed so your bite is comfortable. Our clinical staff will go over how to care for your new crown and suggest proper at-home oral care practices to maintain the function and integrity of your crown and mouth overall. During your regular appointments at our New York City, NY office or one of our surrounding area practices, one of our experts will monitor the condition of your restoration along with your general oral wellness as well. With ideal care, your restoration can help maintain your tooth for years. If your crown ever becomes unstable or completely falls off, please contact Concerned Dental Care for help as soon as possible. Attempting to fix or glue it back on yourself can result in damage to your dental crown and tooth.

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Part of your dental crown restoration cost might be paid for by your insurance. Prior to your procedure, our billing coordinator will contact your insurance carrier to better understand your plan. To help make covering any treatment expenses more affordable for patients and their families, Concerned Dental Care proudly takes a number of payment options, such as low-cost healthcare financing.

Tooth decay, damaged teeth, and other complications might be best improved with a crown. This type of restoration can help keep you from experiencing additional issues while regaining ideal function and a healthy-looking quality for your tooth. Get in touch with your nearest Concerned Dental Care location in New York City, NY to reserve a treatment consultation with our dental experts and determine if a crown or another solution is best for your needs.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.