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Cavities, one of the most common dental problems, develop when bacteria attack your enamel. In the past, cavities were treated with an amalgam material, which is a mixture of different metals like mercury or silver. We now know that amalgam fillings don't bond well with enamel, and mercury can be hazardous to your general health. At Concerned Dental Care, our New York City dentists use tooth-colored fillings made from a composite resin to fill cavities and protect the tooth. We can also remove old metal fillings and replace them with composite resin fillings for a more reliable and attractive cavity treatment. For more information about tooth-colored fillings, contact one of our New York area locations to schedule an exam.

Dental fillings typically seal the tooth after decay has been cleaned out by one of our dental team members. Composite resin is a useful material that may be used to correct other problems with your teeth, including chips or excessive wear on the enamel by bruxism (teeth grinding). Since the composite resin is colored to match your teeth, tooth-colored fillings may be used on both the front and back teeth for a seamless finish. Additionally. if you have amalgam fillings, we can take them out and re-do them with composite resin.

When I first saw Dr. Regina I was filled with anxiety from a bad experience with another dentist. I hadn't been to one in over 6 years. Dr. Regina immediately set my mind at ease with her calm demeanor and extensive knowledge. She had me on a treatment plan and explained what she wanted to do at each step. From replacing all my metal fillings to root canals, the process was gentle and relatively pain free. Within 4 months, Dr. Regina had treated over 6 years of neglect in my oral care. She worked with my schedule (even coming in on an off day to treat me) and checked on me personally after each major step. I cannot recommend Dr. Regina more highly. I wish more medical professionals were like her.

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Amazing, Dr.Hanna, Jenn, and Anthony are the best people ever. I had dental phobia and used to need medication to go to the dentist, but not anymore, I even trust Dr Hanna enough to do small fillings without novocaine and my teeth have never looked better. Dr. Hanna is so caring, I love her and her work.

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No matter what dentist or doctor visit there is waiting so what. Bring a book.This place does there job. Great on x-rays fillings and my root canal and tooth removal was great very little pain. I care about quality service. These people feel like family they care. No complaints. Waiting room is sometimes crowed. Like a restaurant that's crowed product very good. If your the only one there question the product.

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Getting a dental filling at Concerned Dental Care is usually a quick treatment. First, the treatment area will be numbed to help you feel more comfortable. If you have dental anxieties or fears, other sedation methods can be discussed to help keep you relaxed during the procedure. As soon as you're ready, the affected enamel can be treated using a special drill that we will select based on where the cavity is located in the tooth and the level of decay. Once the enamel is cleared away and the tooth is disinfected, the cavity will be filled with the composite resin and set with a special light. We will smooth the filling material so it feels comfortable and matches your other teeth.

You should be able to get back to your day after your tooth-colored filling is done, but you may have some sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures for the next few days. You can take over-the-counter pain medication to treat discomfort or inflammation, but you should not experience any major issues. Your tooth-colored filling can be cleaned by following a regular home care routine with daily brushing and flossing. If, after a few days, the filling seems high or uneven, please call our office. When you return for your annual exam, we will assess your filling to decide if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

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Composite resin fillings are a common treatment for dental cavities that are usually covered in part by dental insurance. A member of our team will talk to your dental insurance company to determine your exact coverage so we can calculate your out-of-pocket costs. If you do not have dental insurance, we accept several payment methods as well as medical financing and can review your options during your consultation.

Dental cavities may begin as a normal issue, but it is important to have them treated before they become a big issue. At Concerned Dental Care in and around New York City, NY, tooth decay and cavities may be corrected with composite resin fillings. Our dentists match the color of your natural teeth so you get a healthy, attractive smile. If you suspect you or a family member has a cavity, contact our office to make an exam.

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