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Even though we make every attempt to conserve and maintain your natural teeth, there are cases where a tooth or teeth might need to be taken out. A simple extraction removes a tooth that's visible over the gumline. This is generally used for a tooth that's damaged or decayed and cannot be repaired. A surgical extraction takes out a tooth that has not erupted over the gums, such as the wisdom teeth and impacted teeth that don't have enough room to fit into your mouth. No matter the reason for having an extraction at Concerned Dental Care, our staff will treat you with the best care. Our New York City, NY office and all of our surrounding New York area offices offer multiple sedation techniques, which means you can remain comfortable throughout your procedure. Contact our team for more information or to schedule an examination with one of our dental doctors to enhance your smile.

If your tooth was damaged or broken from decay, we will make every attempt to fix it with a crown, bonding, or filling. However, a tooth may be too far into decay and will need to be removed to prevent the decay from spreading — and also to save the health of the rest of the teeth. You could also require a simple or surgical extraction to remove one or more teeth that can't fit in your mouth. This could include your third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, which develop around age 17 – 21. In older children, infant teeth that have not fallen out naturally might have to be extracted so they don't block the permanent teeth. If you are getting orthodontics or considering Invisalign® treatments, you might need a simple extraction to make room for other teeth as they move into their normal position.

I’m so happy I found this office. I’ve pretty much done all my dental work here from extractions to implants this past year. Whatever you need… there’s a doctor for that! I also really like the staff, almost everyone in the back greets me by name, smiles and shows concern for my well-being especially Tenene!

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Hello my name is Jeanine and I'm a patient at concern dental I've had so many dentists in the past not good the stuff they did is already falling out just about the whole atmosphere of dentist office weren't good concerned dental I got greeted like I was a person they've known forever everybody that works there and I'm going to name them by name Jen Cheryl Emily Evan Dr Herman Dr wortenberg and Dr Ganz have shown such amazing talents I should say the root canals I have never had a root canal that I didn't have to get like knocked out for or guess nothing but Novocaine 10 minutes the best root canals I've ever had and I have seven more to go the other doctors you know one does extractions one does root canals one does crowns it's like one stop shopping the place itself the people of the front desk when you walk in you feel so comfortable all your worries go away I would recommend concerned dental to anybody it's in farmingville they have other offices but I don't know where you only have to do is Google it but I'm telling you if you need a dentist that's the place to go

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I recently visited this office for extractions on all four wisdom teeth and was amazed with the care provided. Very fast and easy service.

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Dr Sylvia and the whole crew (I came in on pre-Halloween crazy hair day !) were so professional and supportive! I was anxious about my wisdom tooth extraction. They were very kind. Dr Sylvia talked me through every step of the procedure. It went so great! I have been coming to this practice almost 15 years. Great work. Great people!

L.S. Google

Giving my full thanks to Korrine, Cindy, Kylie, and of course Dr Ramos who were all so amazing at getting me in on a whim from breaking a wisdom tooth off and getting it out. I was in so much pain the night before I couldnt even sleep, Dr Ramos was able to get the damn thing out in about 15 seconds after giving me PLENTY of novacaine so I didnt feel a thing.

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Tooth extractions are done in our office with local anesthesia on the area near the tooth being removed. Different forms of sedation could be used depending on the degree of the procedure and to help you stay relaxed if you have some dental worries. When you are ready, we will start the procedure. To complete a simple extraction, we will loosen up the tooth with a special device called an elevator before removal. A surgical extraction entails making incisions into your gums to get to the tooth. If needed, the tooth may be broken up into smaller pieces so it can be removed. When the tooth has been removed, we will stitch the incision in your gums. We may prescribe antibiotics to be taken prior to and following your tooth extraction — typically in cases where you have a current infection, if your immune system is compromised, if the process is lengthy, or if you have other special medical problems.

Depending on the anesthesia used throughout your extraction, you may be required to have a friend or family member take you home. As your gums heal, you need to avoid using straws, spitting, and smoking. Your recovery will vary depending on the extent of your tooth extraction; however, many patients want to eat soft, room-temperature food for the first couple of days after their extraction.

We will speak with you regarding what is normal during your recovery and how to care for your gums. Your mouth will probably be inflamed after the procedure, so our team usually recommends over-the-counter pain medicine and cold compresses. In some cases, we can give you a written prescription for pain medicine and/or antibiotics. In addition to any suggested follow-up visits, you should schedule regular appointments at any of our New York City offices for dental cleanings and exams so we can track your dental health following an extraction.

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A tooth extraction is generally covered by dental insurance, but your sedation option may or may not be completely covered. Before your extraction, we'll call your insurance provider to ascertain your particular policy and estimate your out-of-pocket expenses. To make affording proper dental care easier, we accept many payment methods, including medical financing.

Whether you've got a tooth that's damaged, a wisdom tooth that needs to come out, or you need the removal of baby teeth that never fell out, a dental extraction at Concerned Dental Care can assist in improving your oral health. Make a consultation with one of our oral surgeons in New York City, NY, or a surrounding area to find out more about surgical and simple extractions. If you've got dental worries or fears, inquire about sedation choices to help you stay calm and relaxed during your procedure.

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