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Periodontal gum disease is a progressive condition, increasing in severity over time as bacteria in your mouth mix with food and saliva. It creates a sticky, invisible plaque that, if left untreated, could cause a variety of dental issues. Many individuals assume that simply brushing and flossing are enough to get rid of plaque, but it actually takes more than that. Over time, plaque builds up and becomes tartar. Tartar can lead to irritation of the gums. If plaque and tartar are left untreated, it could lead to periodontal (gum) disease. If you are diagnosed with gum disease, the team at Concerned Dental Care may suggest periodontal maintenance. While it's similar to routine dental cleanings, periodontal maintenance is a prescribed treatment to fight off gum disease after scaling and root planing or another form of periodontal care has been performed. For more information on how periodontal maintenance can help you maintain the health and wellness of your mouth after gum disease treatment, call one of our New York City, NY offices to learn more.

If you have periodontal disease or recently have undergone scaling and root planing, laser gum treatment, osseous surgery, or another gum disease procedure, you may be a candidate for periodontal maintenance at our New York City, NY, or surrounding area office. This treatment can help maintain your periodontal stability after your gum infection has been treated. During your consultation, our team can determine if periodontal maintenance should be a part of your dental care plan.



I've gone here for my cleanings and periodontal surgery. I've always been treated with courtesy and professionalism. The staff always greets me with a smile and I'm usually taken right away when I show up on time for my appointments and leave with post care instructions, and complimentary supplies. I usually get confirmation texts and a call if they need to push my appointment back whether it's a hour or a week (providing the variety of services they do, it appears that different staff are only in certain days). I can't say why some people are posting the negative reviews because I'm not there to see what happened in person , but I will say as with many places, give respect and you get respect. I understand mouth pain can make everyone a little cranky, but show up on time without an attitude, with your paperwork in order (insurance, etc) and with a little understanding and people will respond in kind. Their payment plan also helps easy the financial strain that can come with complex dental work.

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When you come in for a periodontal maintenance appointment, we will remove deposits of tartar and plaque that are present above the gumline, similar to a regular teeth cleaning. Then, we will do a thorough cleaning of the spaces (periodontal pockets) between the teeth and gums and treat any recurring areas of active gum infection. Additionally, we will monitor the pocket depths of your gums to ensure your gums are stable.

Periodontal maintenance appointments are similar to a routine dental cleaning; however, rather than occurring twice yearly, we suggest these cleanings be done 3 – 4 times a year. This is because the bacteria that cause gum disease grow rapidly after about 90 days, so these visits help maintain the health and integrity of the mouth more frequently to combat periodontal issues.

The most important way to maintain the proper health of your gums both before and after experiencing gum disease is a good at-home oral care routine. This typically includes daily brushing and flossing, but we may recommend other oral hygiene aids designed to promote periodontal health. We will also help you understand the key components of a healthy dental routine, as well as suggest what behaviors you may benefit from stopping, such as smoking which is known to increase the risk of gum disease.


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Periodontal maintenance treatments may be covered, at least in part, by most insurance companies. Depending on the recommendation for maintaining the health of your mouth after gum disease, a portion of your treatment may be covered. Our dental team will contact your insurance provider to better understand your benefits and determine your out-of-pocket cost. Concerned Dental Care is proud to accept a variety of payment methods, including low-interest medical financing, to make getting the care you need more manageable.

While periodontitis cannot be cured, treatment and regular periodontal maintenance can help keep symptoms at bay. To treat gum disease, contact Concerned Dental Care. Our dentists in New York City, NY are proud to offer scaling and root planing and other periodontal treatments to address gum disease, as well as customized periodontal maintenance treatments to help maintain your oral health. For more information, call one of our New York area offices today.



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