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Broken and deteriorating teeth are often corrected utilizing a filling or other type of restoration if they are discovered and managed in time. However, if the decay extends to the center of the tooth (also called the pulp), root canal treatment is occasionally required to restore dental function and save the tooth from removal. A root canal is a specialized procedure performed at Concerned Dental Care to remove diseased inner tooth tissue and strengthen the affected tooth to regain dental wellness. Our dental team treats infected or internally decayed teeth with gentle root canal treatment and provides sedation solutions to further increase patient comfort. If you have an extremely painful or abscessed tooth, get in touch with one of our New York City, NY offices today to discover if root canal treatment is right for you.

Abscessed tooth pulp may be a result of extreme cavities, a major break, or an accident. We can provide an x-ray and perform an oral assessment to decide if a root canal or other procedure is necessary to relieve tooth discomfort and regain your dental wellness.

Common signs that can indicate the need for a root canal include:

  • Sharp or dull toothaches
  • Lasting dental discomfort
  • Aching while chewing
  • Sensitivity to elevated and cold temperatures
  • Puffiness around the face or gums
  • A large lump on the gum tissues
  • Change in the color of a tooth after damage

Alexandra was a friendly and efficient receptionist. She made me feel comfortable during the registration process, and I am looking forwarding to finally getting my root canal done after avoiding it.

E. Google

Hello my name is Jeanine and I'm a patient at concern dental I've had so many dentists in the past not good the stuff they did is already falling out just about the whole atmosphere of dentist office weren't good concerned dental I got greeted like I was a person they've known forever everybody that works there and I'm going to name them by name Jen Cheryl Emily Evan Dr Herman Dr wortenberg and Dr Ganz have shown such amazing talents I should say the root canals I have never had a root canal that I didn't have to get like knocked out for or guess nothing but Novocaine 10 minutes the best root canals I've ever had and I have seven more to go the other doctors you know one does extractions one does root canals one does crowns it's like one stop shopping the place itself the people of the front desk when you walk in you feel so comfortable all your worries go away I would recommend concerned dental to anybody it's in farmingville they have other offices but I don't know where you only have to do is Google it but I'm telling you if you need a dentist that's the place to go

J.M. Google

For over twelve years I've been a patient of Concerned Dental's offices. Several accidents and poor care from the VA left my smile broken and crooked but Concerned always saw to my needs and worked diligently with my employer's insurance, even when it changed, to get me the best care and cosmetics. Once, my sinuses were so congested it felt like I needed a root canal. It was a Saturday and they were past closing time but they took me in for x-rays. The DDS reassured and relieved me. Their hygienists are the most meticulous and professional, especially Kristy whose own bright, straight smile reveals she takes her work home with her. She does her best to make sure your smile is just as perfect.

S.A. Google

Professional, Compassionate, and extremely competent from the minute I arrived (Needed an Emergency Root Canal on a Friday ) and the team stayed past closing on a Friday to help me . In this day and age this doesn’t happen often . Thanks and Would recommend to all !

B.M. Google

Great experience getting a pain free root canal. Dr Rahmani was excellent and walked me through everything.

S.M. Google


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At our New York area offices, we employ innovative methods to enhance your comfort throughout your root canal procedure. Root canals are conducted with local anesthesia and are occasionally offered jointly with sedation to produce further relaxation. Once the tooth is numb, a shield is positioned to block the patient's mouth. The impacted region will then be accessed through a small hole made in the top of the tooth. The pulp, which comprises the nerve center and blood storage inside of every tooth, is then extracted, and the inner canal will be reshaped utilizing special endodontic tools prior to being entirely sanitized. We will then seal the restored tooth with an effective substance and finish it off with an anesthetic filling to promote the recovery process.

All of the tooth pain you were dealing with before your endodontic therapy should start to ebb away once the root canal is done. Over-the-counter pain medication can be used to minimize any aches or swelling that occurs after your session. We will schedule a check-in session about a month after your treatment so we can assess your recovery. Teeth restored with endodontic therapy are more susceptible to deterioration and may require the shielding properties of a personalized crown as soon as they're entirely recovered. A ceramic crown might then be designed to return the wellness and natural look to the tooth.

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Oftentimes, root canal therapy is covered in some way by insurance. Someone from our team will reach out to your provider and let you know if you will have any out-of-pocket expenses. At Concerned Dental Care, our team is happy to accept a range of accessible payment options and may help you secure low-interest dental financing solutions to make getting this necessary treatment more affordable.

Broken and abscessed teeth may result in a large number of oral and total health conditions when neglected or not addressed. However, owing to developments in contemporary dentistry, a root canal provided at Concerned Dental Care may be a simple way to rescue your tooth and, ultimately, your overall health. Reach out to our offices in New York City, NY to set up an appointment with one of our highly skilled dentists to learn more about our methods for endodontic therapy.

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