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There are some cases when a post that was formerly placed in the mouth as a permanent fixture needs to be removed. This is an oral procedure called post removal. These posts are often used in root canals and other treatments but may become infected, cause pain, or become damaged later in life. At Concerned Dental Care, our team of dental professionals offers post removal surgery to Manhattan, Westchester, and New York City, NY individuals. For more information on this procedure and the other dental treatments we offer, contact your nearest New York area location.

If you have previously received a dental post and are now facing issues such as infection, pain, damage, or something else, it may be a sign that your original post needs to be removed. This can happen at times, particularly as the post ages. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms at or around the location of your post, give one of our New York offices a call so we can help restore your oral health.

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Hello my name is Jeanine and I'm a patient at concern dental I've had so many dentists in the past not good the stuff they did is already falling out just about the whole atmosphere of dentist office weren't good concerned dental I got greeted like I was a person they've known forever everybody that works there and I'm going to name them by name Jen Cheryl Emily Evan Dr Herman Dr wortenberg and Dr Ganz have shown such amazing talents I should say the root canals I have never had a root canal that I didn't have to get like knocked out for or guess nothing but Novocaine 10 minutes the best root canals I've ever had and I have seven more to go the other doctors you know one does extractions one does root canals one does crowns it's like one stop shopping the place itself the people of the front desk when you walk in you feel so comfortable all your worries go away I would recommend concerned dental to anybody it's in farmingville they have other offices but I don't know where you only have to do is Google it but I'm telling you if you need a dentist that's the place to go

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Dr. Ndoj is wonderful! He is so thoughtful and caring. He really takes his patient's well being seriously.

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Clean place

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It warms my heart to have a place like concerned dental care about my health as much as I do. They are helping me to be a better and healthier person.

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Post removal is not often easy, as they're placed to be a permanent fixture in the mouth. The difficulty level of post removal will depend on the type of post, the kind of cement used when placing the post, the space between the roots of the teeth, and the accessibility of the post. Our oral surgeons, however, use clinically-proven techniques to offer our patients safe and efficient post removal. We use state-of-the-art materials to minimize downtime. This procedure is often performed using general anesthesia to provide you with maximum comfort. Because general anesthesia is used, you should have a friend or family member available to take you home.

After post removal, your mouth will need time to heal. You will likely experience some discomfort, but this shouldn't be anything an over-the-counter pain medication can't help with. We may use a temporary filling to seal the tooth roots, so you will need to come back into the office after your healing process to receive a restorative appliance. This is an important aspect in keeping the area clean and free from damage and infection in the future.

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Post removal may be covered partially by your insurance provider. To maximize your benefits and determine your out-of-pocket cost, one of our team members will contact your insurance company to get a better understanding of your benefits. If you need additional help paying for your dental procedure or you don't have dental insurance, Concerned Dental Care is proud to accept a range of payment methods and would be happy to discuss medical financing if needed.

If you're experiencing pain, discomfort, or something else around a dental post years after receiving it, it could be an indication of infection or damage at the post area. In these instances, it may be necessary to remove the post in order to optimize oral health. At Concerned Dental Care, we are proud to offer this solution to our Bronx, Queens, and New York City, NY patients. For more information on post removal, feel free to contact any of our New York area locations.

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