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Gum Surgery in New York City, NY

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Surgery on the gums is used for both cosmetic and restorative dental problems. Frequently, it is performed to help patients in the advanced stages of gum disease (periodontitis). This happens when bacteria and plaque get trapped in the pockets under the gumline. The buildup may lead to toxins that can affect not only your gums but also your teeth, jaw, and the muscles in your lower face. Depending on how advanced your condition is, there are two types of gum surgery used at Concerned Dental Care to treat gum disease — regenerative periodontal surgery and flap gum surgery. We will work with you to know which treatment option is best for you and your needs. For more information on gum surgery in New York City, NY, contact your nearest New York area location today.

A candidate for surgery on the gums is anyone who has been diagnosed with advanced gum disease, which may not be fully treated with a nonsurgical scaling and root planing procedure. Generally, at this stage, the condition has started to affect the tooth roots and could also be infecting your facial bones and ligaments. You might have visibly inflamed and painful gums, pus on your teeth and gums, or loose teeth. Your gums could be overgrown and covering too much of your teeth (causing a "gummy" smile) or shrinking, so too much enamel is showing.

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Before receiving treatment, we will analyze your teeth and gums to determine which gum surgery is the best match for your condition. Depending on the surgery picked, we will go through your sedation options to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

  • Flap gum surgery: This procedure is performed to access deep periodontal pockets that can't otherwise be reached. We will create a flap in the gum tissue, giving us access to the pocket so we can remove plaque deep below your gumline. From there, we can make necessary repairs, such as fixing a receding gum or addressing bone loss. Afterward, the flap is reattached using stitches that self-dissolve.
  • Regenerative periodontal surgery: During this treatment, we will use grafts to grow either lost gum tissue or tooth bone. The graft is often taken from the roof of the mouth.

After gum surgery, you may experience pain or inflammation. We will go over pain management and the best ways to help your gums heal at home. We may write you a prescription for antibiotics or pain medication to help you after your surgery. As soon as your gums have healed, it's important that you continue to maintain an effective oral hygiene routine to prevent further complications with daily brushing and flossing. Twice-yearly cleanings at Concerned Dental Care can help remove plaque and tartar that build up on your teeth and stop a reoccurrence of gum disease. In your yearly dental exam, we will analyze your oral health to ensure your gums have healed properly and the gum disease has been treated.

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Surgery on the gums is usually seen as a medical necessity, which means a part of the cost will probably be paid by your insurance provider. Before your treatment, our financial coordinator will talk to your provider to determine any additional costs. To make your treatment more affordable, we accept several payment methods, including medical financing, at our New York City, NY offices. At your consult, we can go over estimates on cost and more information on finances.

An issue with your gums can be painful and lead to bigger problems like infections, heart disease, and diabetes. Gum surgery at Concerned Dental Care is often a good treatment option to eradicate advanced gum disease and restore your smile. To find out more about treating gum disease in New York City, NY, contact any of our offices in the New York area to schedule your appointment.

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