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In the event that periodontal (gum) disease is identified during the first phase — commonly known as gingivitis — it is typically fixed with an in-office dental cleaning and optimized oral health routines. However, if your gum condition progresses to the subsequent phase, referred to as periodontitis, we might suggest scaling and root planing (SRP) therapy. SRP is a popular gum disease treatment that eliminates plaque, tartar, and unwanted bacteria from beneath your gumline. To perform this procedure, our skilled New York City, NY dental professionals even out the outer portions of your tooth roots within periodontal pockets utilizing specially designed dental instruments. Scaling and root planing can produce a better atmosphere for your gum tissues and help reverse the advancement of gum disease. When you exhibit symptoms of periodontitis, schedule an appointment at any Concerned Dental Care location in the New York area to learn more about scaling and root planing and how it can help enhance your oral health.

Adults and children may be good candidates for scaling and root planing if they have red or sensitive gums, bad breath, gumline separation, or other signs of gum disease. When you come for your appointment, our team will assess the spaces between your teeth and gum tissues. If these pockets surpass 3 mm deep and x-rays show that bone loss has taken place, we may recommend scaling and root planing. This periodontal disease treatment can minimize the size of your gum pockets. This may let you manage your gums with more efficient methods. Gum disease diagnosed in the middle stage is frequently taken care of with SRP treatments at Concerned Dental Care.

Dr Endoj is awesome! He’s such a nice guy and always helps me fix all my tooth problems. Im not afraid of the dentist anymore because of him!

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Hello my name is Jeanine and I'm a patient at concern dental I've had so many dentists in the past not good the stuff they did is already falling out just about the whole atmosphere of dentist office weren't good concerned dental I got greeted like I was a person they've known forever everybody that works there and I'm going to name them by name Jen Cheryl Emily Evan Dr Herman Dr wortenberg and Dr Ganz have shown such amazing talents I should say the root canals I have never had a root canal that I didn't have to get like knocked out for or guess nothing but Novocaine 10 minutes the best root canals I've ever had and I have seven more to go the other doctors you know one does extractions one does root canals one does crowns it's like one stop shopping the place itself the people of the front desk when you walk in you feel so comfortable all your worries go away I would recommend concerned dental to anybody it's in farmingville they have other offices but I don't know where you only have to do is Google it but I'm telling you if you need a dentist that's the place to go

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Dr. Ndoj is wonderful! He is so thoughtful and caring. He really takes his patient's well being seriously.

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Clean place

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It warms my heart to have a place like concerned dental care about my health as much as I do. They are helping me to be a better and healthier person.

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This gum disease solution is frequently performed in sections of your mouth over a period of 1 – 4 sessions. To help you feel comfortable, we can numb your mouth by utilizing a general anesthetic. Sedation may also be given in the event that you are nervous when having dental care. Once you are okay to get started, one of our hygienists will use our state-of-the-art dental scaler and handheld instruments to carefully eradicate buildup and plaque from inside your periodontal gaps. The tooth root surfaces are then evened out, or planed, to lessen the regions where disease-causing bacteria can accumulate. Locally delivered antibiotics can also be administered deep into the gum pockets to elevate oral health and control bacterial growth.

Swelling and gum discomfort can develop for several days following your SRP therapy. These inconveniences can generally be reduced with over-the-counter pain medication and warm saline rinses. Keeping up with good oral health habits, including careful tooth brushing and flossing twice per day, is important for maintaining your gum wellness. We may also urge you to have periodic periodontal maintenance treatments to reduce the risk of recurring infections and better care for your gum health. These gum cleaning appointments are commonly scheduled 3 – 4 times per year and take the place of routine oral cleanings.

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Concerned Dental Care is happy to perform scaling and root planing, an effective gum disease treatment, that may be covered to some degree by your insurance. For patients who use dental insurance, we will call your carrier to figure out the complete benefits before determining any out-of-pocket costs. We take a wide range of payment methods at our New York City offices, including low-interest financing, to help ensure that your dental treatment is more accessible.

Because of enhancements in the oral industry, it's easier to take care of and eliminate the complications that result from gum disease. At Concerned Dental Care, our staff provides regular SRP treatments to target the later stages of gum disease and help stop its spread. Set up a periodontal evaluation at any of our New York City, NY, or surrounding area offices for more information on scaling and root planing.

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